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Story Development features

Beat sheet for film & TV writers

Structure your storytelling with Celtx. Brainstorm ideas, and visualize your script with story beats.

Never miss a beat

Mapping out scenes, connecting essential plot points, developing character arcs – organizing your story’s narrative structure is hard work! With Celtx’s beat sheet, you can visualize your narrative structure and keep the story moving forward without missing a beat.

See Celtx's beat sheet in action

How it works

Use the Celtx beat sheet to organize ideas, visualize your story, and capture your story in one visual gulp.

Tools for every stage of production

The Celtx studio guides you every step of the way with integrated tools and features.


Script Editors

For film & TV, and theater.

Episodic Projects

Keep your scripts organized.

Automatic Formatting

Write to industry standards.

Story Development

Beat Sheet

Visualize your story structure.


Bring your script to life.

Script Goals & Insights

Set writing goals and better understand your script.



Easily tag script assets.


Organize every element in your script.

Shot List

Plan out every shot.


Automatically create a stripboard from your script.

Cast & Crew

Track their every detail.


Easily generate and distribute to cast and crew.



Track expenses and prevent overruns.

Call sheets

Dynamically generated and updated.


Get a snapshot of your shoot.


The Celtx beat sheet feature helps you visualize your story and balance your script in a single view. Learn more about beat sheets with these resources from Celtx.

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